Bloody Mary Revamp Line-Up For New Album

Bloody Mary Revamp Line-Up For New Album

March 11, 2010

After four years of work, and due to artistic and human differences as well as divergences concerning the future of the band, French rockers Bloody Mary is changing its line-up.

Pierre Fargetton – founder and manager of the band – has decided to separate himself from Damien Billy (drums) and Manu Livertout (bass guitar).

To reach the musical and scenic goals set by Bloody Mary, the drummer position will officially be filled by Mickael ‘Micky’ Leon. While waiting to find the official new bass player, the position will be held by Sebastien ‘Dawa’ Daouze.

The announced concerts are of course maintained, with no change in repertory, and carried out with this line-up.

Furthermore, the recording of the 2nd album planned for July/August 2010 is not questioned and will be carried out as planned.

Thus boosted, the band makes a priority of preserving and enhancing the energy, authenticity, and spirit of Bloody Mary, in other words all the things that captivated you in the first place!

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