Blotzer, Pearcy and Croucier each deliver a set of Ratt songs — which one do you prefer?

Blotzer, Pearcy and Croucier each deliver a set of Ratt songs — which one do you prefer?

There are three members of Ratt‘s classic line-up that are touring or at least playing sporadic shows for the last year or so.

Ratt photo 4Ratt’s Juan Croucier started playing live dates as of September 24, 2015. Sleaze Roxx attended the Toronto show played by Ratt’s Juan Croucier on September 26, 2015 and stated in its concert review: “For an old diehard Ratt fan such as myself, just about every song played was a highlight. Getting to hear eight out of the ten tracks from Out Of The Cellar was certainly an unexpected bonus. Hearing deeper tracks from Invasion Of Your Privacy such as “Dangerous But Worth The Risk” and “What You Give Is What You Get” was a fantastic treat. If I had to pick a few songs that stood out, I particularly enjoyed “Wanted Man” (likely my favorite Ratt track), “She Wants Money” and “Lay It Down.””

Ratt‘s long-time and most well known frontman Stephen Pearcy has been touring for a long time under his name. Sleaze Roxx caught Pearcy‘s show in Toronto on April 29, 2016 and stated in its concert review: “One thing that was really cool is that aside from the obligatory songs that any former Ratt member would have to play such as “Back For More” and “Round And Round”, Pearcy‘s setlist was quite different from the one performed by Juan Croucier and his band when they had performed at The Rockpile back in late September 2015. Unlike many of their peers, I have always felt that Ratt have never released one bad album and in fact, seeing Pearcy perform reminded me on how much I like Ratt.”

Finally, it is no secret that Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer has assembled a new line-up so that he can tour under the name Ratt. Blotzer first started touring about more than a year ago under the name The Bobby Blotzer Ratt Experience before deciding to use the brand name Ratt for his band. Since then, Blotzer‘s new version of Ratt have understandably only been playing Ratt songs. Ratt recently posted on their Facebook page the setlist for their show in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on August 4, 2016.

One question is which setlist do fans prefer since Blotzer, Pearcy and Croucier each offer different Ratt songs in their set.

Ratt’s Juan Croucier’s setlist in Toronto on September 26, 2015:
IMG_499301. Dangerous But Worth The Risk
02. Scene Of The Crime
03. In Your Direction
04. Wanted Man
05. I’m Insane
06. Lack Of Communication
07. Lay It Down
08. You’re In Love
09. Way Cool Jr.
10. You Think You’re Tough
11. Nobody Rides For Free
12. Body Talk
13. Back For More
14. What You Give Is What You Get
15. She Wants Money
16. Round And Round

Stephen Pearcy’s setlist in Toronto on April 29, 2016:
Stephen Pearcy photo 201. Wanted Man
02. Drive Me Crazy
03. Dangerous But Worth The Risk
04. You Think You’re Tough
05. Way Cool Jr.
06. Givin’ Yourself Away
07. Slip Of The Lip
08. I’m Insane
09. You’re In Love
10. Lay It Down
11. Lack Of Communication
12. U Got It
13. Back For More (feat. Priya Panda)
14. Heading Out To The Highway (Judas Priest cover)
15. Round And Round

Ratt’s (featuring Bobby Blotzer) setlist in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 3, 2016:
Bobby Blotzer photo01. Back For More
02. Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job
03. Dance
04. Lay It Down
05. You’re In Love
06. Closer To The Heart
07. You Should Know By Now
08. Way Cool Jr.
09. I Want A Woman
10. Nobody Rides For Free
11. Body Talk
12. Shame Shame Shame
13. Lack Of Communication
14. Wanted Man
15. Slip Of The Lip
16. Round And Round

The following chart provides the breakdown of songs played from each album from the bands assembled by Croucier, Pearcy and Blotzer.

Croucier Pearcy Blotzer
Ratt EP (1983) 1 2
Out Of The Cellar (1984) 8 5 4
Invasion Of Your Privacy (1985) 4 3 4
Dancing Undercover (1986) 1 2 3
Reach For The Sky (1988) 1 1 2
Detonator (1990) 1 2
Ratt & Roll 81-91 (1991) 1 1
Ratt (1999)
Infestation (2010)
Total Ratt songs 16 14 16
Ratt songs not played by others 4 3 6