Blotzer predicts victory in latest court motion and hints at changes

Blotzer predicts victory in latest court motion and hints at changes

January 23, 2017 was the date when the motion for reconsideration, brought by WBS, Inc., the company spearheaded by drummer Bobby Blotzer whom he alleges owns the Ratt trademarks, was heard in terms of the motion decision back on November 8, 2016 where Juan Croucier defeated WBS, Inc.

Blotzer is apparently feeling optimistic about the motion for reconsideration’s outcome on the basis that the motion judge “reserved” on his decision essentially meaning that the judge is taking his/her time to review the documentation and consider the presumably oral submissions that were provided by the parties’  representatives on January 23rd.

Blotzer continues to apparently disrespect bassist Juan Croucier by referring him as “Crucifer.”

The following message was posted on the Facebook page of Blotzer‘s version of Ratt less than an hour ago

Aloha Rattlers & greetings from GORRRRGEOUS Maui Hawaii.

So, few things to pass on to your ears (and eye, lol)…

Today we appeared in front of the court on our motion to Reconsider in the Crucifer and his paralegal team of , Frauds are us.

The court and his Honor were given such a plethora of evidence that the judge is now moving on submission.

This basically means he’s going to comb thru the stacks of documents and then render his decision. We feel that it’s a very strong result as in , if he thought that the information/evidence wasn’t very compelling or had Teeth, he would have cut and there would have been a ruling in there today.

Our guess:

1. We get the proper reversal, and fury like fire reigns on down the line.

2. Jury trial. If that happens, oh man , I can’t imagine how these guys can think they’ll pass these lies off on anyone with a brain.

We’ll know soon. Could be 5 days, could be 10,

Can’t come soon enough. Truth is a strong thing.

But we’ll be back on the pad asap.

Maybe a few changes.

Thanks much,

God bless


The latter portion of Blotzer‘s message is interesting given that the drummer hints at some changes which could perhaps be more line-up changes for Blotzer‘s version of Ratt.