Blotzer suggests DeMartini has hearing loss stopping him from touring

Blotzer suggests DeMartini has hearing loss stopping him from touring with Ratt

Ratt featuring Bobby Blotzer on drums has posted an interview on Facebook today that Blotzer did with Eddie Trunk back on September 28, 2015 with the caption “Bobby wanted us to share this interview he did with Eddie Trunk which explains much of the current RATT situation.”

Blotzer photoBlotzer starts off the interview by stating: “The bottom line is this — let’s get right into the arena here umm — you know, I want to tour. Me and Warren [DeMartini] own 50% of the name and he does not want to tour. The other guys aren’t going to tour so that leaves me sitting here, the one guy that never quit out of the whole band and who’s always been pushing the other guys to get back together in ’97. It continued in 2000 when Stephen [Pearcy] quit again, etc. Keep things motivating — that’s me all the time. And maybe not always in the best way but you know, my 50-50 partner does not want to tour as a member. He becomes a non-touring member and that leaves it open for me to bring the songs that people want to hear on the road and we got a lot go big shows booked. And the dough is really pretty high actually to be honest with you. I mean, I wish it was everybody…”

Blotzer mentioned that his Bobby Blotzer Ratt Experience only played about eight shows and he stated the following about his current Ratt band: “Yeah. The people want to hear it man. We come out and play, My band is so damn good. I’m telling you right now. The singer Josh [Alan] — he’s like, he’s better than Pearcy was in his heyday.”

Trunk asked Blotzer why did he decide to call it Ratt to which Blotzer replied: “Well, I am going to back up a couple of spaces. When you were saying you want to work, you got a family? I do want to work. I do want to play our tunes. You know, I’ve done a lot of outside projects. I get it. It’s fun. I would love to do something with John, with Doug, whatever you know? But my body of music that I’m associated with and most accepted with is Ratt OK? Now, I just want to put this to anybody and anybody’s head or hands. If you have a company that you’ve been with for 34 years and you and one other person own that company, and one guy does not want to work and you do, what’s — you know what I mean? It’s like, if someone’s going to stay at home — if I wanted to stay home and Warren wanted to go out, I’d be like “OK. Send the cheque here by Friday” because I would get dividends, he would get dividends so…”

When asked why he thinks DeMartini does not want to tour, Blotzer responded: “I think he’s done. I think, maybe, my guess is — him and I both have pretty substantial hearing loss from so many years of doing this, you know? I take it that maybe his ears are bugging him a bit and he’s not saying anything. That’s just a guess.”

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