Blotzer taking Ratt name from DeMartini like they did from Pearcy

Blotzer taking Ratt name from DeMartini like they did from Pearcy

Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer was recently interviewed by ABC News Radio and revealed how he plans to take control over the Ratt name against guitarist Warren DeMartini just like the pair previously did against singer Stephen Pearcy in the past.

Ratt photoExcerpts from the ABC News Radio are as follows:

Blotzer explains that he told Martini, “I own 50 percent of it. I’m going out. You’re gonna earn from it. Sit at home, collect your checks and do whatever you do at home. I’m going to work.”

Complicating the situation is the fact that Ratt‘s other two main surviving members, frontman Stephen Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier, each have their own current groups, and — according to Bobby — won’t even consider playing with Ratt again unless they are granted part ownership in the band.

“[DeMartini] doesn’t want to give the name up to those guys, which [is] what it would take to get them to tour, and he’s not willing to do that,” Bobby points out. “I could come to the table personally, but he doesn’t even want to go to the table.”

Blotzer and DeMartini took control of the Ratt name after winning a lawsuit in 2000 against Pearcy who left the band numerous times, most recently in 2014. Now, Bobby says he expects to win his legal battle with Warren, something he imagines to be extremely bothersome to his longtime band mate.

“If I was him I’d be ready to slice my throat,” Blotzer says. “Let’s put it this way, it’s way more fun to be on the winning team than it is where he’s sitting right now. ‘Cause I know the way it felt when we took the name from Stephen in federal court…It felt pretty damn good to walk out of there, because you were doing the right thing. Not the wrong thing like he’s doing. So good luck, Warren. You reap what you sow, baby.””