Blue Tears Vocalist Gregg Fulkerson Passes Away


April 16, 2009

According to country singer Jessica Miller, Blue Tears vocalist Gregg Fulkerson passed away Tuesday morning. More details will be posted once they develop.

Gregg was currently working on new material which can be previewed at He left behind a catalogue of music that included Blue Tears’ 1990 self-titled debut, 2005’s Mad, Bad & Dangerous and Dancin’ On The Back Street and 2006’s The Innocent Ones as well as 2003’s Attraction 65 self-titled release.

Jessica posted the following at, “Gregg Fulkerson, who’s been a very close friend to my husband and I (for many years) passed away early Tuesday morning. You may know Gregg as the amazing, extremelly talented musician, singer-songwriter (I co-wrote “Never Die” with him and he produced it. He also wrote and produced the song “Sanctuary”) He has so many great songs he’s written, played, recorded and produced on his website as well. Gregg’s friendship will be missed and his music will live on. We know he is safe in heaven now and that brings us peace.”

Blue Tears Vocalist Gregg Fulkerson Passes Away

Blue Tears and Gregg Fulkerson released two discs on Suncity Records ( in 2005. When Suncity Records owner David Moors announced that he would be working with the band he posted the following press release:

All of us at Suncity Records are EXTREMELY proud to be working with one of the all-time greats of the genre. We are talking about the multi talented Gregg Fulkerson of Blue Tears fame who also happens to be one of the “most humble, down to earth great guys” in the industry. The news only gets better because not only have the Blue Tears guys signed up for the follow up CD to the classic debut but they have agreed on a 2 CD contract.

Blue Tears released their self-titled debut CD in 1990 on the MCA record label. They had quite a cult following going back in the early 90’s with their awesome self-titled debut. The band managed to pull in some airplay on MTV with their first single “Rockin’ On The Radio”. As we know, the music circles changed dramatically that had their follow up CD shelved for all this time.

Blue Tears Vocalist Gregg Fulkerson Passes Away

What Blue Tears bring to the table are very well crafted songs! This will give us all the unreleased material the band has before, during and after their 1990 hit debut. You will hear tracks including “Loud Guitars, Fast Cars and Wild, Wild Women” that Gregg wrote for the supergroup Contraband, “Slip and Fall” that was a hit back in the day for Every Mother’s Nightmare as well as “Strong”, “Call My Name” and “Storm in My Heart” that appeared on Attraction 65’s debut. There are many more songs of amazing quality that will be included in the two CD’s. All the above songs are the original versions.

Put together a bunch of seasoned professionals with the chemistry to boot, pristine production, excellent lyrics, tight musicianship, the look, attitude and style. This gives us all the vital ingredients to make this material gold. No wonder bootleg copies have gone for over $250 on Ebay in the past, to think that we will be releasing the masters instead of terrible recordings taped off the radio will sure be a big hit with the fans.

If released back in the heyday, the mind boggles at how big this band would have been; for starters, this material is the equivalent or superior to any of the AOR/Hard Rock albums from the late 80’s, early 90’s that sold mega millions. Second thing is that Gregg would have been a star!! He had all the attributes (versatility, charisma and presence) to make it as big as the likes of Brett Michaels, Stephen Percy, Joe Elliot and Vince Neil.

Plain and simple this the best hard rock material I have heard in 15 years and I don’t say that lightly considering I have a hard rock collection of over 3000 CD’s. This is not some scrappy demo recording but it equals the awesome production quality of the debut with the material being far superior to the self-titled album.

The Band were set to take the world by storm in 1992 with their second CD recorded, packaged and ready for a world wide release but as we know this kind of music was sadly no longer commercially viable.

With the release of Gregg Fulkerson’s latest project Attraction 65 in 2003, it had a lot of the old Blue Tears fans feeling a little let down with the modern twist implemented in the music. That’s not the case here. These releases are guaranteed to please all the die-hard fans, which have been hanging out for this for over a decade now. More big hair, gang backing vocals, summertime anthems and ripping guitar solos than you can poke a stick at.

Combining elements from the greats: Bon Jovi (New Jersey, Slippery When Wet), Def Leppard (Hysteria, Adrenilize), Firehouse (Self Titled, Hold Your Fire), Kix (Blow My Fuse, Hotwire) & Ratt (Detonator) and you can even hear some Motley Crue (Dr. Feelgood), now they are some fairly hot references. Believe me, this material lives up to the hype.

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