Bob Kulick wants KISS’ “extended family” incl. himself to play last few shows of ‘End of The Road tour

Bob Kulick wants KISS’ “extended family” incl. himself to play last few shows of ‘End of The Road’ tour

Guitarist Bob Kulick was recently interviewed by Jimmy Kay for Canada’s The Metal Voice and he spoke about his rift with his brother and former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick as well as his change in attitude towards KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

In terms of whether he has had any beefs with Simmons over the years, Bob Kulick advised (with slight edits): “The arrogant Gene Simmons — I really like Gene and he has great sense of humor. The multi-millionaire asked me to allow him to put my co-writes and performances on The Vault for instance and get paid nothing. So I asked him is there publishing on this? He said ‘nope.’ I played guitar on it. ‘Is their performance royalties?’ ‘Nope.’ ‘Is there an advance or back-end payment after you sell all these?’ ‘Nope.’ ‘So what if I don’t agree to this?’ ‘Well then Bob, your songs won’t be on there.’ Bob says to himself, ‘Will be better to have them on there than not.’ That was a little while ago, I no longer feel that way about it.”

With respect to what Simmons and Stanley could do to mend fences with him, the guitarist offered: “First, I would immediately say to them as a Grammy Award winning producer, here’s what we’re gonna do. Come to the studio and we’re gonna write a song called  ‘The End of the Road.’ Maybe Kiss could win a Grammy, so I would start there. You don’t need a whole record, just one kick-ass great song. I would start there with them, showing me some respect and allowing me to hit home runs for them.

Second, I would like to see them have Kiss extended family onstage on their last few shows. I think that’s what the audience wants. I’m all about  the audience. I want to see so them bring out the guy who played the solo on ‘Creatures of the Night’ — Steve Farris. We know one thing for sure, Tommy Thayer can’t play that solo. I watched him try here in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock. Really Tommy, really? Did you spend even one second listening to the solo or was the day you just couldn’t play it? Have Steve Farris come out and play it. Then I can come out and play ‘Larger Than Life’, then Bruce can come out and play whatever it is he wants to play. Maybe they can even make a video of it, sell it. Have all of the people from their career on stage. Anton Fig or even Desmond Child should be involved certainly singing background vocals or something since he wrote some of those songs.”

You can read other excerpts of the interview with Bob Kulick at The Metal Voice‘s website and/or listen to the interview below: