Bobby Blotzer accuses Eddie Trunk and Juan Croucier of lying while Court hearing pushed back

Bobby Blotzer accuses Eddie Trunk and Juan Croucier of lying while Court hearing pushed back

It is not secret that the last gig by Bobby Blotzer‘s Ratt on December 29, 2016 did not go ahead when the venue obtained a cease and desist letter advising that there were Ratt trademark dispute.

Blotzer‘s WBS, Inc. company was scheduled to bring a motion before the Court on January 9, 2017 asking for reconsideration of a motion decision made on November 8, 2016 but the motion hearing has apparently now been adjourned to January 23, 2017.

Blotzer posted a message on his version of Ratt‘s Facebook page to advise his point of view on the current Ratt saga including his thoughts that both Eddie Trunk and Juan Croucier are apparently liars. The following message was posted on the Facebook page of Blotzer‘s version of Ratt about 12 hours ago:

“Hi Everyone!

We made it through 2016. Hopefully all of you are great and fully intact. Happy 2017!!

Now to share my thoughts on some misinformation I heard on Eddie Trunk’s show on Hair Nation earlier today. He has a right to his opinion and to speak about matters, but giving misinformation or what one may consider lying… Have you no shame, man? Check your facts, dude, before putting what is in FACT incorrect information out there!

I was on my way to get myself a nice relaxing massage, listening to Sirius XM, when Howard Stern goes into commercial break… So I push a key – one I rarely push in all honesty – to Hair Nation Radio. Just the name itself makes me ill. Trunk hates that moniker too, but yet still hosts a show under the name Hair Radio. Go figure… At least they still are cranking our 80s metal, right?

Right before I hit that key I thought, “Hmmm, it’s Monday with Ed Trunk.”

With apprehension on the probability or possibility of hearing about our lawsuit, I pushed the button, and low and behold, the first word I heard from Mr. Ed was… “Blotzer!”

Then every word that followed was absolute lies and misinformation. “So, there you have it people,” Trunk said. “Blotzer touring as Ratt has been denied.”

Wrong. Incorrect. This has NEVER been put to a FINAL judgment. Let me repeat: NO FINAL JUDGEMENT.

A few facts here if you please.

Mainly misinformation and numerous lies – not truths – have been launched by Juan Croucier (aka Crucifer), the biggest liar I’ve known.

Take a look at our motion to reconsider sent to the court on our website here:…/motion_for_reconsideration_WBS_v_C…

For us, in the judicial long run, Crucifer was only just a fat bug on the windshield that looks like Danny DeVito with a headband on. Got the picture? And for the love of mankind, let’s put an end to the Juan stage moves once and for all.

In the court documents, Pearcy stated, “I have no knowledge nor do I remember ever expelling Croucier from Ratt the Partnership in ‘97. Nor do I remember ever talking about doing so with Blotzer.”

The court stated that while they have all the info of DeMartini and his letter to resign, he didn’t give a three month notice, and “there’s been not a word written or otherwise” from him.

Hmmmm… That’s a shocker.

So, based on this information, his honor awarded the defendants a SUMMARY JUDGEMENT.

This is not the deed to the house, nor even the car pink slip, folks.

Until the court gives a FINAL judgment, everything stays status quo, i.e. WBS maintains ownership of the trademark RATT and still has the right to tour until this is resolved. This is why you have seen Ratt out there on tour with me and the guys kicking ass all over after the summary judgement ruling.

They don’t have a legal right or a court injunction to prevent RATT/us from touring or playing shows. However, anyone can send a cease and desist letter to anyone. As they did to the venue of our sold out show on December 29th, putting enough fear and intimidation out that the venue stated, “You can play if you don’t fly the marks.” (Logo backdrop – like playing as a nameless band)

Mind you, this took place 20 minutes before I was boarding my last (of three) flights on my way to venue.

My response: “F*ck that! No way!”

Clearly these guys did this as a F.U. on ME. THEY DID NOT CARE ABOUT THE FANS (anybody ever met Stephen Pearcy out there?). They DID NOT CARE that fans were already in Mount Pleasant, or on their way, driving through the snow to get there. They DID NOT CARE that fans had spent tons of money, taken vacation, found someone to take care of their kids, while they came out to see RATT and Night Ranger. Absolutely unacceptable behavior toward the fans.

My great attorney, Drew Sherman, spoke to the venue, and we all had to turn around and go home. It sucked!

For the fans: We are really bummed and we WILL make it up to you. We already have plans on board. TBA.

Thanks goes out to our great longtime brothers Night Ranger for kicking ass that night.

Now… These guys, and their agency, are booking shows… And ALL – from band members to the attorney, manager, promoters, booking agent Troy Blakely with APA (a personal friend of mine who has worked with the band for 30 years [UPDATE – see our demand to APA here:…/upl…/2017/01/ratt_demand_to_apa.pdf

This is public domain, as is anything we post here.]) – are involved in trademark infringement. These promoters have been sold a car with fake RATT plates and are now being dragged into this collusion of trademark infringement.

Big time.

Here’s what’s happening next.

We have such incriminating truth that we’ve provided to the court.

What I don’t get is that for five years I tried to rally these guys together, and NOW they’re good to go on tour?

Another thing… Crucifer’s whole stance – according to his deposition – is that he and I remain sole owners of Ratt the partnership. He contends he’s been that for the last 20 years. However, he’s never asked for money from all of our tours, he’s never asked to see any books, he’s never even filed any K-1 tax returns on behalf of the Ratt the corporation that HE supposedly OWNS? I just have to shake my head. It’s funny and sad… More embarrassing seeing him squirm like a fish outta water after blowing through two attorneys to get to the genius he has now.

The hearing was originally set for January 9th. We made an Ex parte motion to move the hearing to January 23rd. The court accepted. We like this.

I’ll be in Maui on that date, jammin with the Stones (like Jeff Spicoli – “Aloha, Mr. Hand.”) where I hope to receive a verbal ruling from Drew Sherman from the courthouse. If not, the judge can rule under submission after the fact via documents.


We win, we’re back out on tour soon. We have six dates booked so far.

Previous court documents prove:

DeMartini and Pearcy – under oath, under penalty of perjury, while on the witness stand – stated that Juan was expelled

Most importantly:


Lies from the Crucifer camp could well sink this attempted coup.

If they do not… well, then we go and head to the 9th circuit court of appeals.

Here’s a zinger, there’s a chance they might say Mr. Blotzer and Darth Crucifer are owners.

Well it’s certainly a f*cked up situation, folks.

I simply wanted to tour… They didn’t. They didn’t speak to each other till they saw the huge success we had this past year. We did 70 or so shows, and grossed more money on this tour than any tour Ratt has done in 20 years past.

I tried to keep the originals and the rest together. This isn’t my undoing.

With Love from me to you

Bobby Blotzer