Bobby Blotzer confirms that Seann Nicols is new singer for his version of Ratt

Bobby Blotzer confirms that Seann Nicols is new singer for his version of Ratt

Drummer Bobby Blotzer has just confirmed that former Quiet Riot singer Seann Nicols will be the new singer for his version of Ratt. Blotzer has also included an audio clip of Nicols singing the Ratt song “Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job.”

Seann Nicols singing Ratt‘s “Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job”:

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The following message was posted about two hours ago on the Facebook page of Blotzer‘s version of Ratt:

“Hey Rattle’heads:

I see that an afternoon at a beach bar has taken on a life of its own out there regarding who is rumored to be in the front man spot in RATT.

My wife and I were attending a friend’s party in a small bar in Carlsbad, (down by San Diego) on Sunday, and hanging with some friends – jamming a few tunes on March 5th.

In July, when we were on the very successful Ratt tour of 2016, and we had a few dropouts, I moved swiftly to a great array of awesome friends and great players – we never skipped a beat. Not a day or a show fell.

When the other guys dropped, I asked our then singer, “are you going too?”, because the road might not be as easy as everyone thought it might be. I was apprised by a great buddy of mine that he knew of a ripping lead singer.

I told our then singer about him out of sheer honesty.

And he replied to me as he did at every single show “no, you know how much I appreciate being in this, I’m in for THE LONG HAUL.” The last time I spoke to him was December 16th, Kentucky show.


We continued thru the year with 35 more shows, give or take.

This other lead singer guy sent me his voice singing over our Ratt songs with Pearcy‘s voice pulled out and him singing in place.

Well, fking Hell, I was quite astonished to be honest.

I stuck it out with the other singer, my word is real. But he knew there was someone in the wings.

And the guy I met over the phone in July, ended up with our fellow touring band guys in Quiet RIOT. Cool, way to go, I thought (also not knowing why our ex-band mate Mr J.Pearl was gone from QR).

But, the music business is an incestuous small world. So, there you go. There is still a war waging but I’m not going to get into those specifics.

I will, though, give you a little taste of what I was sent on the road in July 2016. I wish I had future vision then.

Check this out.


RATT along with Seann Nicols at the helm = Cya in FT YATES ON THE 18TH.