Bobby Blotzer in discussion with label to release Ratt studio album

Bobby Blotzer in discussion with label to release Ratt studio album

Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer has advised Eddie Trunk on the latter’s podcast yesterday that he is in talks with its record label {presumably Loud & Proud or Roadrunner] to release a Ratt studio album, which would fulfill the band’s obligation that it continues to owe its label after 2010’s Infestation.

Bobby Blotzer photoTrunk put the following comments to Blotzer in that regard: “Ever since Infestation, which is the last Ratt record, I had always heard that the label is owed another record so you’re saying that you can do a record with this band and fulfill that deal?” Blotzer succinctly answered:” “That’s correct.” Blotzer went on to state: “…you know, they have first right of refusal but we do have an open discussion in place. It just hasn’t been formally facilitated yet but it will be…”

One wonders whether Blotzer and his new “Ratt” bandmates can even capture the classic Ratt sound with new material given that Blotzer has minimal writing credits with respect to the Ratt back catalogue of songs. According to Wikipedia, Blotzer‘s first co-writing credit was for the Ratt song “Drive Me Crazy” off the group’s third full-length album Dancing Undercover released in 1986. He is also listed as having two co-writing credits for the tracks “One Step Away” and “Can’t Wait On Love” from Ratt‘s fifth full-length album Detonator (1990). He also has two co-writing credits for the songs “Live For Today” and “Breakout” off the likely least successful Ratt album, which is the self-titled one released in 1999. Finally, he has two co-writing credits for the tracks “Look Out Below” and “Don’t Let Go” from Ratt‘s comeback album Infestation (2010).

Of note, every Ratt album has featured Pearcy, DeMartini and Blotzer. According to Wikipedia, Pearcy has co-writing credits on all of the songs on the Ratt EP (minus the cover of “Walkin’ The Dog”), seven of the ten tracks on Out Of The Cellar, nine of the ten songs on Invasion Of Your Privacy, all tracks on Dancing Undercover and Reach For The Sky, ten of eleven songs on Detonator, all songs on Ratt (1999) and Infestation including the latter’s bonus track “Scatter.” DeMartini on the other hand has co-writing credits on three of the ten songs on each of Out Of The Cellar and Invasion Of Your Privacy, six of the ten tracks on Dancing Undercover, seven of the ten songs on Reach For The Sky, nine of the eleven tracks on Detonator, all tracks on Ratt (1999) and seven out of twelve songs including the bonus track on Infestation.

Interestingly, DeMartini, Blotzer, bassist Robbie Crane, guitarist John Corabi and singer Jizzy Pearl were together as Ratt from 2000 to 2006 but never released an album under the Ratt name.

Accordingly, it seems hard to believe that Blotzer could, with his new “Ratt” bandmates, come up with and pull off a legitimate Ratt studio album.