Bobby Rock not sure how Vinnie Vincent stood after VVI aftermath and would never contact him directly

Bobby Rock not sure how Vinnie Vincent stood after VVI aftermath and would never contact him directly

Current Lita Ford and former Slaughter and Vinnie Vincent Invasion drummer Bobby Rock was recently interviewed by Nasos Kavathas for In Town Post.

Rock was asked in all the years after Vinnie Vincent Invasion disbanded, whether he had ever reached out to guitarist Vinnie Vincent or whether he thought that he would not be welcomed and discarded the idea to call.

Rock responded: “I have never been clear on where Vinnie stood with things in the aftermath. So at most, I’ve let a couple people from his inner circle know that I would be open to connecting with him. Not sure if he ever got the message. Beyond that, though, I would never try to contact him directly. I figure he can reach out when and if he’s ready.”

A few months ago saw the release of Rock‘s memoir The Boy Is Gonna Rock. It was pointed out that the “sex and drugs” topics were not at the forefront of his book and the drummer was asked if he had a favorite memoir or music related book to which he stated: “I know exactly what you mean. I get that if everyone was doing a lot of drugs, then you probably have to write about it. But to me, those kinds of books can be very one-dimensional, because I don’t think those authors can remember too much with really sharp accuracy!  I always wanted to know more details about the tours and the sessions. My favorites would be Neil Peart’s “Roadshow,” which is as much a travel memoir as a music book. But the guy writes his fucking ass off. Also, not rock-related, but an epic read about one of the greatest musicians of our time: «Traps, the Drum Wonder: The Life of Buddy Rich.» It’s a bio about jazz drummer Buddy Rich, one of the baddest motherfuckers ever to step behind a drum kit, written by his friend and colleague, Mel Tormé, a renowned jazz vocalist who was also a great writer. Killer read.”

You can read the rest of Part 2 of the interview with Bobby Rock at In Town Post.