Bobby Rock to release instrumental tribute to songs that inspired his autobiography

Bobby Rock to release instrumental tribute to songs that inspired his autobiography 

Former Vinnie Vincent Invasion and current Lita Ford drummer Bobby Rock will be releasing an album consisting of “instrumental tribute to songs” that inspired his autobiography The Boy Is Gonna Rock, which was released last year.

The following message was posted on Rock‘s Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):

“Special Announcement! Friends, I’m thrilled to make this official: I have been deep into pre-production for a new solo record, which we are looking to release this Spring. It is the original “soundtrack” for my latest book, “The Boy Is Gonna Rock,” and man, let me tell you: this shit is bangin’! As mentioned on the cover art, the soundtrack is “An Adventurous Instrumental Tribute to Songs that Inspired the Story.” So it’s a collection of special remakes; key cover tunes that were pivotal in my initial journey as a drummer (Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, etc.), or that represent the magical era of mid-80s hard rock that the book focuses on. In other words, if the book were a movie, these are some of the songs you might expect to hear along the way.

The twist? The music is done with that drum-heavy, instrumental focus that all my solo albums feature… with the original band that I recorded and toured with back in the early days of my solo pursuits. Yes, that’s right: I have managed to recruit guitar virtuoso Brett Garsed and bass phenom Carl Carter (AKA “The Fox“) back into the fold for this one! For any of you who used to see us play back in the day—and/or have heard my solo records—you know these are two of the baddest mofo’s in the biz. And I’m happy to report that ALL of that crazy magic and chemistry is still fully intact today. Can’t wait for you guys to hear it. (And… I hope to announce a couple other very special guests on the record soon.)

Also, over the last number of years, I’ve occasionally mentioned a very special and unique drumming concept—and the unusual monstrosity of a drum kit that the idea inspired—that I’ve basically been hoarding (and developing) in the isolation of the woodshed: Alphabet Drumming and the “Alpha Kit.” So now, it’s time to unveil it. I’ve decided to record the new record with all 40 drums of this mammoth set-up.

But beyond the 360 degree “freak show” aspect of the kit and, I suppose, the creatively twisted novelty of playing words or phrases in rhythm, this whole Alphabet Drumming thing, as well as the kit itself, sounds extremely musical and unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Can’t wait for you guys to scope it. So stay tuned and—at long last—I will post a few informal progress clips leading up to the record release so you can get a vibe on what it’s all about.

Spring 2019. The Boy Is Gonna Rock: Original Soundtrack. Stoked, everyone!

PS. Thanks again for all the support on the book. For an autographed copy and/or special bundles, you can check out “The Boy Is Gonna Rock” at For regular and digital copies, it’s on Amazon and pretty much everywhere else online.

Scope the blog for more pics and updates.”