Bodyguerra unleash video for new single “C’mon, Tell Me”

Bodyguerra unleash video for new single “C’mon, Tell Me”

German rockers Bodyguerra consisting of lead vocalist Ela Sturm, guitarist Guido Stoecker, bassist Robert Brenner and drummer Jason-Steve Mageney have unveiled a video for their new single “C’Mon, Tell Me” from their new album Invictus, which was just released today (on September 15, 2023) via Fastball Music.

The following message was posted in part on Fastball Music‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“In 2021, the latest Bodyguerra album “Fire & Soul” was released worldwide on Fastball Music and quickly placed in the official German rock and metal charts. The new album “Invictus” will be released worldwide on September 15th, 2023 and will set new standards for the band.

The four-piece band around singer Ela Sturm, guitarist Guido Stoecker and the two new band members Robert Brenner on bass and Jason-Steve Mageney on drums once again impresses with an incomparably original performance and presents authentic and handmade rock music. With the new songs, Bodyguerra clearly set themselves apart from their previous album in terms of songwriting and production. Stomping rock numbers (“Blood And Stones”), driving up-tempo numbers (“Twilight”), the extremely bluesy-groovy “She Bop” or the impressive acapella number “My Mother Told Me” all come together to create an entertaining album that is just plain fun. Producer Rolf Munkes from Empire Studios (i. a. the current guitarist from Crematory) once again provides the necessary crisp sound to give the new songs the fitting powerful rock sound.

Bodyguerra‘s live presence causes goosebumps right from the start and fires up the audience massively when Ela opens the show with her powerful voice and the question “ARE YOU READY TO ROOOOOOOCK ?!”. Bodyguerra already rocked e. g. with Graham Bonnet (Rainbow / MSG) and as very special guests with the legendary Brits from The Sweet and will play further shows next autumn to present their new album.”

Bodyguerra‘s “C’mon, Tell Me” video: