Bon Jovi Go For Global Message On New Video


Bon Jovi will make a global statement on their next video “Everyday”.

The band perform beneath a series of satellite dishes on location in Socorro, New Mexico in the middle of the desert. The 27 dishes are part of the world’s biggest astrononical observatories known as “The Very Large Array” (VLA).

The video was shot as a thunderstorm approached and all non-essential staff were evacuated because of the threat of electrocution from the lightening. The shot was done in just the presence of the director, the cameraman and the band.

The satellite dishes will represent a global message being sent out around the world as the band plays. For authenticity, three additional cameramen were dispatched to various countries around the world to capture footage for the video. There is no computer generated images in the entire clip.

“Everyday” is the first single from the band’s 8th album “Bounce” due September 8. Bounce is once again co-produced by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora with Luke Ebbin, the same team who brought you Crush.

Paul Cashmere courtesy of Undercover