Bon Jovi In Raunchy Topless Photo Flap

Bon Jovi In Raunchy Topless Photo Flap

July 26, 2010

A rep for Jon Bon Jovi has slammed the singer’s former tour manager for releasing a set of raunchy photos of the rocker in bed with topless women – insisting he’s attempting to “cash in” on his former boss’ fame.

Rich Bozzett has published a series of racy shots at featuring the Bon Jovi frontman in a newly released memoir, Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi.

Bozzett says the pictures, taken by famed rock photographer Ross Marino during Bon Jovi’s 7800 degree Fahrenheit tour in 1985, were meant to be publicity shots.

He pocketed the negatives, which were then kept in a safety-deposit box until last year, when he decided to write the book.

But he claims Bon Jovi asked him to destroy the images shortly after the shoot, for fear they would destroy his all-American image.

Bozzett writes, “A panic-stricken Jon Bon Jovi immediately called up Doc (his manager McGhee) to tell him that we needed to track down the pictures as soon as possible.”

Bon Jovi’s spokesperson has shrugged off the release of the raunchy, decades-old shoot, and slammed Bozzett’s alleged money motives.

The rep tells the New York Post, “This is an outtake of a photo shoot. Everyone should be so lucky at 22 years old… Rich is remembered as a nice-enough guy who was eventually in over his head as the band’s success grew. As far as his attempt to cash in on alleged experiences he had 21 years ago? No comment.”

Unauthorized Memoir by Bon Jovi’s Tour Manager Tells All

For the very first time, the revealing inside story of Bon Jovi’s life on the road and the band’s rise to superstardom is being told. Authored by original tour manager Rich Bozzett, Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi gives a first-hand account of the band’s early years. Complete with never-seen-before photos, the book takes you from the group’s first performances as an opening act in front of a few hundred people to selling more than 130 million records and performing for more than 34 million fans worldwide.

According to Bozzett, who traveled with the band from 1983 through 1989 during the band’s rise to fame, little has been known about the early years and how Jon and the band made their way to stardom.

“Jon has never wanted to talk about the band’s early years, but now his fans can finally read — and see through never-before-released photographs — what life on the road was like,” says Bozzett. “As tour manager, I lived with the band and saw it all — from the incredible fan support to how Jon and the band dealt with the drugs, alcohol and sex that were all part of that world.”

Through Bozzett’s meticulous recounting of the 1980’s, you can now learn all that it took for Bon Jovi to become one of the world’s biggest rock bands in history, including details on how the Slippery When Wet tour saved the band from financial chaos and how in-fighting and overwork led to its two-year breakup in 1990.

True to its title, the book provides details that are in sharp contrast to Bon Jovi’s “white-bread” image, including Jon’s use of drugs before and after each show and the unintended effects they had on him, and how the band was linked to one of the nation’s largest cocaine and marijuana drug smuggling operations at the time, leading to frequent run-ins with airline security and the D.E.A., including strip searches of Jon.

Included among the hundreds of color and b/w pictures are never-before-released photographs that give fans and music historians a glimpse into the early days of the band, with members touring, partying and relaxing with friends and family as few outside the circle of the band have ever seen them. Also included are scandalous photos that the author kept under wraps for over 20 years to protect the then nascent band’s image.

The book is available online for $24.95 plus shipping and handling at and can also be purchased at

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