Bon Jovi Involved In Police Escort Scandal


April 24, 2008

It looks like Melbourne has a groupie police officer. Following the k.d. lang unauthorized police escort scandal in Melbourne, Australia earlier this week, police are now investigating a similar incident involving Bon Jovi.

An anonymous caller into radio station 3AW’s Rumour File segment on the breakfast show has unveiled that, like k.d. lang, Bon Jovi also received a police escort without approval from the department.

Bon Jovi toured Australia in May for Paul Dainty. Dainty is also touring k.d. lang.

The Victoria police department has not confirmed if one “groupie” police officer was involved with Bon Jovi and k.d. lang or if the department has a pop star fixation epidemic.

It has been reported that “the police escort service” may be operated out of the Rove Enterprise office. The Herald-Sun reports that “someone associated with the Channel 10 program contacted an off-duty officer asking for an escort for Lang”.

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