Bon Jovi To Pull Out Rarities In Concert


December 25, 2009

Bon Jovi To Pull Out Rarities In reports: Don’t expect to hear a complete greatest hits show during Bon Jovi’s tour next year. Singer Jon Bon Jovi tells that when the group hits the road in February there will be some rare tracks in the mix. He dished about recently having a conversation with a reporter, who suggested that he break out the more “obscure tracks” Bon Jovi plays in Europe or that are rarely perform at all. There will be hits, but Bon Jovi says the band will mix up the set list, explaining, “Granted, we’re always gonna want to do those ones, but what if we don’t play ‘Always’ and that was a monster hit ballad? What if you don’t feel like playing ballads that night, so you don’t do any of them? I think we’ve earned the right to have that freedom.”

Guitarist Richie Sambora says he’s ready for whatever tracks the frontmant wants to play, saying, “Jon’s the quarterback, he’s gonna call the set list and there are gonna be audibles and that happens all the time. A lot of times we’ll be sitting in the dressing room and Jon will say, ‘Hey, let’s just pick this song up, play ‘These Days’ or ‘Keep the Faith’ or something like that that we haven’t played in 10 years.’ Then we’ll learn it on the spot, and take it on the stage that evening and play it. It’s really gonna depend on the feeling of where we’re at and what’s going on.”

Bon Jovi will be out behind its new album, The Circle.

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