Bon Jovi unveil video for new single “Story of Love”

Bon Jovi unveil video for new single “Story of Love”

Bon Jovi featuring frontman Jon Bon Jovi, drummer Tico Torres, keyboardist David Bryan, guitarist Phil X and bassist Hugh McDonald have released a video for their latest single “Story of Love” from their studio album 2020.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of 2020:

“The obvious major differences between the Bon Jovi that I knew in the late ’80s / early ’90s to the “group” that I am now listening to with 2020 are Jon Bon Jovi‘s voice and the absence of guitarist Richie Sambora. The latter has been gone from the band for sometime so there is no need to dwell in that regard. However, it’s quite obvious that frontman Jon Bon Jovi has lost the range in his voice and not just a little bit but in a rather big and noticeable way. I first noticed that Jon Bon Jovi‘s voice seemed “shot” when I heard a live clip from the band’s successful tour in support of the record This House Is Not For Sale.

It took a little while to get used to on the album 2020 since it showcases Jon Bon Jovi singing in a “safe” and kind of bland vocal range throughout the record. While there is no question that I would rather hear the Jon Bon Jovi that sang on Slippery When Wet (1986) and New Jersey (1988), I was actually impressed with what the singer was able to pull off on 2020. Jon Bon Jovi was able to deliver some pretty good songs that fit his “new” limited vocal range. I used the term”new” loosely since I don’t really know since when Jon Bon Jovi‘s ’80s voice left him.”

Bon Jovi‘s “Story of Love” video: