Bon Scott Movie In The Making


December 3, 2008

Film-maker Eddie Martin is working on a movie about AC/DC legend Bon Scott.

The yet-to-be titled movie is in its early stages. “We’ve been working heavily on it for a couple of months. It’s early days,” Martin tells Undercover News. “We are in the writing process. We’ve been meeting with Gaby, Mary, Irene and The Valentines crew, people like Vince Lovegrove, Bon’s early friends”. (Irene was Bon’s former wife).

Eddie says he is still looking for people from the era who knew Bon. “It is at research stage,” he says.

Casting is also being considered. Tom Budge (Three Dollars, Australian Rules, The Night We Called It A Day) is the front-runner for the part of Angus Young but Bon is still to be cast. “We have been considering casting and we are not going to contain this to Australia,” he says.

One of the things that has come out in his research is that despite the numerous books written about AC/DC, he feels no-one has actually nailed the real story yet. “Obviously we have gone through most of them, but talking to Bon’s friends they aren’t happy with the books and feel they have been misrepresented. We want to go much deeper with the movie,” he says.

The person Eddie is desperate to find went by the nickname Silver. “She is definitely the one person we want to find,” he says. “She was an Adelaide girl who lived with him in London after he broke up with Irene”.

It will be a number of years before we see the Bon Scott movie on the big screen. “We’d love to be shooting in 12-18 months,” Eddie says.

Ronald Belford ‘Bon’ Scott was born on July 9, 1946 and died on February 19, 1980.

Bon was born in Scotland and the family migrated to Australia in 1952.

Bon formed his first band The Spektors in 1964. Next came The Valentines, then Fraternity, and in 1974, he joined AC/DC, replacing original singer Dave Evans.

Bon died before ever really reaping the rewards that AC/DC would later bring. At the time of his death, the current album at the time, ‘Highway To Hell’ was just reaching Top 20 status in the USA.

Bon Scott was 33 when he departed the planet. He died after a night of drinking in a car outside 67 Overhill Road in East Dulwich in South London.

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