Bon Scott Movie Teaser Moving Through Post-Production

Bon Scott Movie Teaser Moving Through Post-Production

April 1, 2013

Bon Scott Movie Teaser Moving Through Post-ProductionHigh Voltage Productions Pty. and director J.R. Getches have announced that the first dramatic footage ever produced depicting late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott is making its way through post-production for release in the near future. The much anticipated teaser was shot in early 2013 and stars Rob Liotti who portrays Bon Scott — co-starring in the teaser is actor Dave Riggins. Director J.R. Getches says that, “we have now entered the ‘proof of concept’ stage where we show some direction and tone of the upcoming production…”

‘Bon Scott — The Legend of AC/DC’ has received worldwide attention since its initial new releases began to filter out in late 2012. In fact, AC/DC’s own official website has reported on the film in its content. While no official endorsement has been made by the band, it has been reported that Albert Productions in Australia was contacted by High Voltage Productions Pty. in the USA to advise Malcolm Young (the band’s leader) specifically of the intentions of filmmakers and pay their due respect.

Rob Liotti, the singer/actor who will portray Scott stated, “Naturally, we want the band’s blessing on this film… But I took the time to contact Alberts and Malcolm personally to at least show them the respect of advising them of our intentions. They seem like a nice group of guys and have been a big influence on me musically. So, I am simply giving them their due… This project means a great deal to alot of people — including myself — so we want to do it right. That is why we have not jumped head-on into the first production deal thrown at us. I want to make sure that we all have the same vision and are not hazed over with 100% distraction of money, money, money. Artistic expression and doing the right thing matter here as well.”

‘Bon Scott — The Legend of AC/DC’, a docu-drama film, is the first of its kind and will chronicle the musical career of the late Australian music icon, Bon Scott, and the band AC/DC. The film concentrates on an integral period of the band’s history when Bon Scott helps to catapult AC/DC to international stardom, yet never really gets to experience fruits of his labour. He even struggles with bouts of lonlieness and isolation whilst often reaching out to ordinary fans for companionship and social interaction. Examined and portayed is an accurate depiction of the emotional dynamic surrounding the band based upon true events. The film is sure to leave fans and admirers alike drawn to Scott and his often hysterical antics and to the band which made him famous.

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