Bonafide Announce Raging Slab’s Niklas Matsson As New Drummer

Bonafide Announce Raging Slab’s Niklas Matsson As New Drummer

April 12, 2010

Swedish rockers Bonafide, whose latest release ‘Something’s Dripping’ reached #2 on the Sleaze Roxx Top 10 of 2009, have announced the addition of drummer Niklas Matsson to the band.

The band issued the following statement, “Due to musical and personal differences Bonafide and Sticky Bomb have mutually decided to part ways.

Sticky has been pivotal in creating the Bonafide sound and we: Pontus, Mikael & Micke, want to thank him for fun memories and all the great shows we’ve played together all over Europe.

We would also like to welcome the mighty Niklas Mattsson to the family! Niklas, who also torments skin in Stockholm heavyweights Backdraft and American groovers Raging Slab, will add even more power and dynamics to the Bonafide machine. Niklas, who joined us for our Spanish tour recently, will of course appear when we start up the Bonafide monster yet again in early June for some shows in Austria with Nazareth and The Quireboys.

To coincide with the next leg of the tour in support of our latest album “Something’s Dripping” we will also have a new single, “Hard Livin’ Man”, and video out, available for radio stations, through all major download channels, and through YouTube in May.

While waiting, please check out the following collage of pictures accompanied by “Butter You Up” from the new album.”

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