BoneDryver release details of upcoming sophomore album ‘Valley of Bones’

BoneDryver release details of upcoming sophomore album ‘Valley of Bones’

North Carolina rockers Bonedryver consisting of lead vocalist Mark Michaels, guitarist Jimmy Penland, bassist Kevin Freeman and drummer Jeff Price have unveiled some details of their upcoming sophomore album.

The following message was posted on BoneDryver‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Greetings BoneHeads from all our caves and fortresses. Seems like it’s been forever since we’ve gotten to see any of you, what with the forced social distancing and all. With all the uncertainty of when we’ll be freed up again to bring you the noise, we felt it was time to bring you up to speed on what BoneDryver was up to before the world got closed for business and shine a little light on what it will be like once we’re unleashed back into society.

As most of you know, we had some gigs lined up in Spartanburg, SC and Hickory, NC before things went astray. Then we were shut down from even working together in a live capacity. Our next shows prayerfully will be May 23rd in Greer, SC at The Spinning Jenny for the first annual Jennyfest along with 7 other bands. Following closely behind will be The Iron Thunder in Hickory, NC on May 30th. Fingers crossed. The next business of order is our follow-up to last year’s Ain’t Too pretty, Ain’t Too Proud. I am proud and pleased to provide more information on our sophomore album to be entitled Valley of Bones.

We were in preproduction for the album but can now announce the following new songs that will be features on the album are as follows:

“Cock In A Henhouse”
“Whiskey Drinkin’ Preacher Man”
“Live It Up (It’s Dying Time)”
“Valley of The Bones”
“Seasons Change”
“Shotgun Road”
“Push Comes To Shove”
“Too Far Gone”
“X Marks The Spot”
“Workin’ Man”
“Coming Home”
“No Bones About It (This Is Rock N Roll)”

Plus a bonus track for the physical copy “God Bless America” (acoustic version.) We are also unveiling the new album cover, hand drawn by the amazing Reza Putra. A little something to chew on until we can get back together. All us BoneDryver boys are chompin’ at the bit to see everyone again, so keep the faith and know that when we do get back to business, it will be all the sweeter. God bless each and every one of you and we hope ya’ll have a blessed Easter. Stay safe!

BoneDryver‘s “God Bless America” single (from Ain’t Too Pretty, Ain’t Too Proud album):

God Bless America

Taken from our 2019 debut “Ain’t Too Pretty, Ain’t Too Proud”