Boneyard unveil video for title track of debut album ‘Oathbreaker’

Boneyard unveil video for title track of debut album ‘Oathbreaker’

Canadian rockers Boneyard consisting of lead vocalist / guitarist Pamtera, bassist Dennis Cooke, drummer Jeff Cunningham and lead guitarist Grant Tarapacki have unveiled a video for the title track of their debut album Oathbreaker.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of the album Oathbreaker:

Boneyard‘s first single “Fates Warning” provided an intriguing combination of Iron Maiden like guitar melodies (I am thinking Somewhere In Time / Seventh Son of A Seventh Son era) with a female singer who is literally singing along in an almost soothing like voice while taking each song in a different direction. At first, the album Oathbreaker was simply enjoyable to listen to but the more that I listened to it, the more I got into it. Certain tracks really started popping out including the haunting and mesmerizing “Oathbreaker”, the riff based “Gone”, the melody laden “Monster” and the peppy yet groove oriented “Born Again.” Female lead vocalist Pamtera just doesn’t possess the type of voice that I would expect for a heavy metal band but that is what sets Boneyard apart from so many other female fronted heavy metal bands. While most of the time Pamtera just sings in a very melodic manner, she can also ramp it up a notch such as on “Tune Attack” where her singing speeds up quite a bit.

There really aren’t any weak tracks on Boneyard‘s debut album Oathbreaker and each time that I listen to it, I discover something new because when Pamtera isn’t singing, the guitar work and melodies are really well crafted and quite intriguing by themselves.”

You can purchase Oathbreaker directly via Boneyard‘s website.

Boneyard‘s “Oathbreaker” video: