Bonfire deliver difficult message to decipher about tour cancellation due in part to Hans Ziller burning out

Bonfire deliver difficult message to decipher about tour cancellation due in part to Hans Ziller burning out

German hard rockers Bonfire released a covers album titled Legends via AFM Records on October 19, 2018. The group embarked on an European tour consisting of 20 dates dubbed A Night With Rock Legend Bonfire and Friends that started on November 2, 2018 and was supposed to go until November 21, 2018 (one show per night with no days off). It appears from Bonfire‘s press release below that the tour had to be cancelled from November 11th onwards due to reasons including burnout from the band’s founder, leader and guitarist Hans Ziller.

The following message was posted on Bonfire‘s Facebook page yesterday (with slight edits):

“Official statement by bonfire and bonfire productions gmbh:

As most of you know, the performances of the bonfire & friends tour had to be cancelled from 11.11.2018 We are very sad about this and apologize for the inconvenience that our fans and partners have created.

We have done everything to make this fantastic tour with legendary artists and bonfire a success.

The tour is the company of bonfire productions gmbh, founded by Hans Ziller and some partners. Many employees of this tour are usually not involved in bonfire. The preparations lasted approx. a year and included endless hours of work by Hans Ziller and bonfire productions gmbh. Loans were recorded, money was invested, and basically everything was put in the tour to allow them and ensure a great show.

Unfortunately, many unfortunate twists and events, such as cancel artists for illness or the exit of Joe Lynn Turner, have led to a steady increase in burnout syndrome of the director and musical director, Hans Ziller. Mr Ziller has been in stationary treatment since 12.11.2018.

By 10.11., eight shows were carried out with an enormous performance by the artists and crew, and the fans enjoyed the concerts. We still have nothing left but to stop after just half of the tour. As a precaution, the CEO, Hans Ziller, was placed on the 12.11.2018th. This is currently being examined. If the default insurance is to pay, the legitimate hope is to withdraw insolvency and to use all outstanding liabilities. This includes, in particular, the refund of the fares to the fans who are at the top of us.

The band is deeply sad and at the same time stunned by the current situation, although it is not directly affected by the insolvency of bonfire productions gmbh. Everyone has given absolutely everything to allow it to continue, but it shouldn’t be.

We work with high pressure on a solution to the ticket situation. As the CEO of bonfire productions gmbh, Hans Ziller, is currently in the clinic, various processes take longer than usual. We therefore ask for understanding and patience.

In addition, efforts are underway to play in 2019 regular bonfire shows. With these shows, bonfire productions gmbh has nothing to do. Some dates have already been booked in 2018, others are new. Hans Ziller is allowed to leave the clinic and perform for these concerts, as this is his profession and he lives. At this point we wish our band leader an early recovery!

Thank you for the support and loyalty of all fans, we hope we can welcome you 2019 again at the shows!

Bonfire & Bonfire Productions GmbH