Bonfire to release album of cover songs titled ‘Legends’ on October 19th

Bonfire to release album of cover songs titled ‘Legends’ on October 19th

German hard rockers Bonfire will be releasing a covers album titled Legends via AFM Records on October 19, 2018. The covers include tracks from the Killer Dwarfs, Rainbow, Queensrÿche and Survivor.

AFM Records‘ press release states:

“Music is extremely powerful, it has the power to bring back memories. It has the power to take you away from troubles or worries. It can make you feel happy, sad, powerful, rejoiceful or even relaxed. It can put you into a story, be it fact or fictional.It can spark the emotion of a love lost. It can make your body physically want to move. It has the power to move the listener’s soul.

This collection of songs have all of these qualities and were reproduced like only Bonfire can do it. All the members of Bonfire have been touched in such a way by the power of music that it is now their life’s work. This concept was behind Bonfire’s Hans Ziller to put together a concert tour, with legendary singers performing their most renowned songs, and Bonfire providing the magic of the music.

With Bonfire’s hectic touring schedule, how could they put together such a massive task of this legendary concert tour while still touring? They introduced the concept of recording the songs so everyone could become familiar with the material. Some of the original recordings of these songs date back to the 1970’s, others were relesased in the 1980’s. So with the addition of new recording technologies and techniques it became evident that the sound quality was going to be a pleasure to the listener’s ears and the performances by Bonfire were exceptional. Quickly it became clear that magic was being captured.

So with the passion and determination of Hans Ziller and Bonfire it ended up going one step further. They performed the songs entirely as Bonfire – with Alex Stahl on vocals, Hans Ziller and Frank Pané on guitars, Ronnie Parkes on bass, Tim Breideband on drums and the addition of Paul Morris on keyboards. 32 songs in total!

The members of Bonfire have all been moved by these songs from their pasts. Great respect and care was taken to keep the main integrity of the songs but still incorporate the Bonfire sound. With Hans Ziller at the helm as producer the tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Müller at Flatliners Studios in Ingolstadt, Germany between June and August 2018.”

Track List for Legends:
01. Africa
02. Hold The Line
03. Rosanna
04. Man On The Silver Mountain
05. I Surrender
06. Stone Cold
07. Death Alley Rider
08. Black Masquerade
09. Burning Heart
10. Eye Of The Tiger
11. Caught In The Game
12. Doctor Doctor
13. Lights Out
14. Rock Bottom
15. Child In Time
16. Jet City Woman
17. Silent Lucidity
18. Eyes Of A Stranger
19. Tears In The Rain
20. The First Time
21. Save Up All Your Tears
22. Hot Cherie
23. Dr. Love
24. Hellelujah
25. Rebellion
26. Heavy Metal Breakdown
27. Love Don’t Lie
28. I Wanna Be Loved
29. King Of Dreams
30. Frei Wie Die Geier
31. Erinnerung
32. Alt Wie Ein Baum

Bonfire‘s “Africa” cover song:

BONFIRE – Africa (2018) // Official Audio // AFM Records

Taken from the album „Legends”, out October 19th, 2018.Pre-order: on Spotify: on Apple …