Bonfire unveil video for new single “Freedom Is My Belief”

Bonfire unveil video for new single “Freedom Is My Belief”

German rockers Bonfire consisting of lead vocalist Alexx Stahl, lead guitarists Hans Ziller and Frank Pané, bassist Ronnie Parkes and drummer Fabio Alessandrini have unveiled a video for their new single “Freedom Is My Belief” from their upcoming album Point Blank MMXXIII.

The YouTube caption for the video indicates in part:

“Taken from the upcoming album Point Blank MMXXIII… Stay tuned!

In cooperation with Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e. V., BONFIRE finances the “Farba project” with donations in order to be able to help traumatized children and young people quickly.

For donations please use the following donation account:
Recipient: Spendenkonto bei der Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
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“We would like to thank you very much in the name of all children and young people who had to flee from Ukraine. We Johanniter, have been caring for the refugees in initial reception facilities 24/7 since February 2022. It quickly became clear that the war will unfortunately last longer and we have to help the children and young people in the long term.””

Bonfire‘s “Freedom Is My Belief” video: