Boston Vocalist Pays Tribute To His Wife And Brad Delp In Song

Boston Vocalist Pays Tribute To His Wife And Brad Delp In Song

January 15, 2011

Perhaps you’ve heard Tommy DeCarlo’s amazing story about how he went from being an employee at the Home Depot to touring North America as the lead singer of the multi-platinum selling group BOSTON? Tommy was literally transported from being a fan, weekend karaoke aficionado, and performing only at private family functions to singing alongside some of the greatest classic rock musicians of all time in some of the largest and iconic venues on the touring circuit.

Following the 2008 summer tour, Tommy sat down at his Yamaha keyboard in his home music room in Charlotte, N.C. to compose something. What poured out of him was an autobiographical song about how he met his wife of 23 years, Annie.The story goes back to 1987 when native upstate New Yorker Tommy was visiting his grandparents in Florida. Chance brought Tommy and Annie to the same restaurant on the same night and there was a strong and immediate attraction. However given Annie’s shy nature, the fact that she had no telephone, and the geographical distance, a year-long correspondence via mail ensued. In the age of texting and instant messaging, not to mention online dating, the randomness of the couple getting together permanently was like destiny. Given their very young ages, 20 and 22, it’s all the more extraordinary they reunited, got married, raised two wonderful adult children and continue the romance. They have literally been together their whole adult lives and have done and learned and experienced most of life’s biggest milestones together.

Asked if he believes in, “love-at-first-sight,” DeCarlo could not agree more, “Absolutely, that’s exactly what I felt the first time I laid eyes on her!”

Tommy recorded the song and wants to share it with others and hopes that it will inspire them to tune in to their own inner voice and follow it. “I’d be honored if this song would be the favorite of other couples who have had the same experience as me,” he says.

I Think I Fell In Love With You by Tommy DeCarlo is available now at

“A Man He’ll Always Be” — Tommy DeCarlo’s Tribute To Brad Delp

A few days after hearing about the death of Brad Delp, “the nicest guy in rock and roll”, Tommy sat down at his piano and began to play, “A Man I’ll Never Be”, during which he found himself reminiscing about the man, the music and many years of joy that BOSTON music had given him. The combination of Tom Scholz music, and Brad’s soaring vocals made him a fan instantaneously; he was hooked!

So…as any songwriter would do Tommy decided to write a song, a song about the man who inspired him to sing. Some of you may have heard Tommy’s original composition, which at the time consisted of a simple piano, and vocal track. However, shortly after performing on stage with BOSTON at the Come Together concert for Brad Delp Tommy was contacted by another BOSTON fan by the name of Chris Capozza. Chris came to see the concert for Brad and, after hearing Tommy sing for the first time, was moved to contact him. They started an email dialog, eventually became friends and later talked about hopefully working together on music someday. It wasn’t until after the BOSTON 2008 summer tour that their schedules finally allowed them the chance to get to work on developing “A Man He’ll Always Be” into the full tribute it is now. Chris helped expand Tommy’s original version of the song in a way Tommy could never have imagined and he couldn’t be more thankful or proud of Chris’s efforts.

“A Man He’ll Always Be” by Tommy DeCarlo is available now at

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