BOWWOW’s Vintage Heavy Metal Albums Available Digitally For The First Time

BOWWOW’s Vintage Heavy Metal Albums Available Digitally For The First Time

January 16, 2011

Classic metal fans, rejoice! It’s time to bust out some hair-spray, iron-on some sweet patches to your favorite jean-jacket and loosen up those neck muscles. You’re going to be banging your head all night long as soon as you fire up one of these four ultra-rare, vintage releases from Japan’s heavy metal pioneers BOWWOW!

Until today, these albums have only been available on vinyl and even then only if you were lucky enough to grab them 30 years ago. Now the entire world is able to hear them good-as-new, if not better, for the first time in any digital format and direct from HearJapan.

BOWWOW was one of the first Japanese metal bands to find commercial success overseas, and inspired several generations of musicians, including the likes of X Japan and Metallica.

On ‘Glorious Road’, ‘Hard Dog’ and ‘Telephone’, all of the gut wrenching bass, screaming guitars and gruff vocals take control of your ears and transport you back to the dark and dirty days of REAL heavy-metal. If the hard-hitting rock and roll is a little too much for you, you might want to check out the band’s mostly instrumental album ‘X Bomber’. This was the soundtrack to the film of the same name that became a cult hit. In fact, members of Queen and Van Halen worked on a version of the main theme song when the film traveled overseas. This is the fist time anyone has heard this groundbreaking collection of metal guitar, atmospheric synths and all manner of special effects, all vintage 1980!

And if all this isn’t enough, HearJapan also has 10 solo albums from BOWWOW’s guitarist Kyoji Yamamoto. Experience heavy metal’s glorious past with this special collection!

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