Breaker Breaker release video for track “Pistol Grip Baby”

Breaker Breaker release video for track “Pistol Grip Baby”

Portland, Oregon, USA based rockers Breaker Breaker have released their debut video for their song “Pistol Grip Baby.”

breaker-breaker-photoSleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Breaker Breaker‘s debut album Wreckin’ Machine including the song “Pistol Grip Baby”:

“One of my favourite sleaze bands was always Cats In Boots. Remember them? “Pistol Grip Baby” could have fit on 1988’s Kicked And Klawed any day….

So, have you figured out how I’m going to summarize Breaker Breaker yet? I’ve intentionally gone overboard on hyperbole and grammatical impurities in this review because that’s what this band delivers — an over the top performance that has taken my 2016 playlist by storm. Wreckin Machine is premium sleaze, along the same lines as 5 Star Hooker or Löve Razër that Sleaze Roxx has looked at this year already. Sure the mix might be a little rough, and the music a little loose, but hey… who cares? I’m loving this band, and can’t wait to find out what they do next.”

Breaker Breaker‘s “Pistol Grip Baby” video:

Breaker Breaker “Pistol Grip Baby” Official Music Video

Portland’s Breaker Breaker is an Ass kickin’ Ear Splittin’ Sex Drivin’ Danger Makin’ Rock n Roll Band..Check them out:breakerbreaker1.bandcamp.comhttps://fac…