Brent Doerner’s Decibel Putting The Final Touches On New CD


June 8, 2008

Brent Doerner’s Decibel, the band formed by former Helix guitarist Brent Doerner, is finishing up their new CD ‘The Ashtray Sonatas’. Decibel uitarist Shane Schedler has posted the following message at

How’s it going ya’ll! Shane here, updating everyone on our latest news and happenings going on with the band and our newest recording (The Ashtray Sonatas). Well, the new album has gone through the final stages of mixing with our most excellent and one of the most experienced sound engineers in Toronto, Andi Charel. He has been very busy of late putting the final stamps of approval on this recording. I must tell everyone at this point that this CD is simply the best songs Decibel have written and recorded to date. The mix of styles and sounds and techniques we used is astonishing, Brent Doerner has certainly come into his own, with his role as lead singer and has comfortably moved out front to sing, (of course with his guitar blazing as well).

Currently, we are putting the finishing touches on our unplugged show which all members have been working hard at. By the time you read this – we will have already opened for the Joys at the Lancaster Tavern on Lancaster St. in Kitchener, and we will be playing some of the new songs unplugged for the first time.

A special thanks to the Road Dog at CKMS radio (100.3 fm), for his interviews and also for spinning our new song “Maybe Love” over the airwaves, we very much appreciate the support ……….woof ,woof !!!

Again, many thanks to Diane for her support and of course the pickanik baskets she made for the boyz while mixing, (except for the egg salad sandwiches) …. don’t ask !!

Thanks baby!! Rock the earth!!!
Shane Schedler

Below is the video for Decibel’s “Sting I Need”

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