Bret Michaels announces that Poison will tour in 2020

Bret Michaels announces that Poison will tour in 2020

Poison frontman Bret Michaels was interviewed earlier this year on SiriusXM‘s Trunk Nation and the singer spoke about his plans for 2020.

Michaels indicated (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “We, next year, all of us back out and we’re going to make it unbelievable. You know, as I said, we — I never do instead of. You know, it’s not like I have to leave Poison or vice-versa. I just make it all work in tandem and next year, we’re already talking about where to kick it off, where to start and we’re going to make an incredible tour, and mix that with the solo dates. It’s just going to continue ’cause this is at this point, this is what I not only love to do, it’s what I live and do. This is what I love to do — be out on the road, making music and Poison, again, is going to bring an awesome show.”

Michaels added: “Nothing this year. It’s going to be next year. We’re going to put a new look together. Hopefully, hopefully a song or two. Even if we just get one good song together, I say ‘Guys, let’s just write one good awesome, kick ass, modern day — you know, now, today. A “Nothin’ But A Good Time.” A modern day “Talk Dirty To Me.” A “Ride The Wind.” Let’s go in and write on kick ass song and let’s just take it out on the road with all the hits and have a great time.”

Michaels reportedly confirmed that Poison will tour in his recently aired interview with Dan Rather on AXS TV.

Excerpt from interview with Bret Michaels:

Bret Michaels Says Poison will Tour in 2020

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