Bret Michaels’ autobiography ‘Bret Michaels: Auto-Scrap-Ography’ out now + first in series of trilogies

Bret Michaels’ autobiography ‘Bret Michaels: Auto-Scrap-Ography’ out now + first in series of trilogies

Bret Michaels has released the Bret Michaels: Auto-Scrap-ography Volume 1: My Life in Pictures & Stories, which features select photos and stories collected over his 35+ year extraordinary career.

The first printing has already sold out and the second print is available now for shipping. This is not your ordinary ‘my life in rock’ book. Bret has scoured through thousands of photos from his life and matched stories to those photos. He says “every photo has a story and every story has a photo”! This isn’t just a stack of pro shot photos with a liner note under each one. In this book, you will see tons of personal snapshots from Bret’s own collection and the coolest part is that you’ll actually get to know the stories behind them. It’s like stopping by his house and going through boxes of old photos with him! You can order at

Bret has released two videos in anticipation of the release of his new book.

The first video is titled ‘What Could Go Wrong?‘ where Bret states (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “This is Bret Michaels. The Auto-Scrap-ography Volume 1 is here. It’s done. The first print sold out. The second print is here. We are shipping. Order this now. I just want to take this moment to thank everyone for considering it and I want to take this moment to tell everyone thank you that worked so hard on this book. Every picture tells a story. Every story in here has a picture to prove it. [Bret reading the book] “I was staring down the barrel of death. It was like a scene out of a horror movie. We were teenagers partying on a warm summer night out on an old abandoned dirt road on a sleepy hollow drive… What could go wrong?”

What Could Go Wrong?

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The second video is titled ‘Book Release‘ where Bret indicates: “Auto-Scrap-ography Volume 1 is here. It is done. All this hard work ready to come out at you. It all started [pointing to his head] in the old noodle, just a thought, and next you know, going through a bazillion photos making sure that we can tell stories about each and every one. Then this process — we wrote and handwrite every single thing on here with every photo so we could make a great well written book. And then all of a sudden, here it was — the prototype complete with paper clips [and] a few mistakes in here. We had to fix them up. Fix the Auto-Scrap-ography… And here it is! Hey oh! Bret Michaels Volume 1 Auto-Scrap-ography. The first in a series of trilogies! Check it out! Inspirational roller coaster ride. A fun summer read. Thank you all. Be safe, be healthy.”

Book Release

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