Bret Michaels Band Guitarist Scores Gold Record Award


April 10, 2009

Multi-faceted musician / studio whiz PeteEvick is proud to announce that he has secured his first gold record forhis involvement in current media darlings Paramore’s latest album, ‘TheFinal Riot!’.

The guitarist for the Bret Michaels Band and leader of his namesake bandwas brought in by producer Jeff Juliano to digitally edit the modern rockheroes live album. “The album had been mixed down but they were on a tightdeadline to deliver it to their label so Jeff suggested they send it to meto see what I could do with it, knowing that I understand editing softwarefor use in live recordings better than most,” says Evick. “I also work ata pretty rapid pace and could meet their deadline so I worked on it a fewdays, sent it back and all was good. It was an honour to work a young bandlike Paramore who aren’t only talented, they really have their acttogether.”

Having had his first Top 40 album in 2008 and now his first gold record,the very busy Pete Evick can currently be seen on the road with the BretMichaels Band through the Spring at which time he’ll turn his attention tohis own band’s new releases, the digital Ep, “The Real Thing” and the fulllength album, ‘Reflections.’

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