Bret Michaels Determined To Make Romance Work


April 17, 2008

Poison singer Brett Michaels is determined to make his relationship with an actress he picked on his dating show work – after his last reality romance was outed as a scam. The rocker picked 38-year-old Ambre Lake as the winner of the second series of his dating show Rock of Love.

Michaels opted for Lake over 25-year-old wannabe singer Daisy DeLaHoya on the show’s finale, and now insists there will be no more Rock of Loves because the match-up is “for real.”

The first season of the show was outed as a scam, when it was discovered winner Jes Ricklett was already in a relationship while competing for the rock star’s love on the series.

This time he says, “We definitely have chemistry. She’s an amazing kisser. We’re mature enough to know it takes time to find love. You can like somebody and then you just see what happens. This year, I think I made the right decision. It’s going good.”

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