Bret Michaels Is Looking For Lust


January 27, 2009

One woman stood at the altar with Bret Michaels and presented a blowup doll as a gift. Another showed up in a hot pink veil, fish net stockings and not much of anything else.

The Poison frontman had challenged his dates to come up with vows for a mock wedding; many of the kisses to seal the deal involved tongue. Welcome to the implants, tattoos and thongs of “Rock of Love Bus,” the latest reality saga to help find lust, er, love for the 45-year-old glam metal rocker.

This time, the VH1 show takes the crushing gals on the road with Michaels and the band. Week by week, as the formula goes, one unfortunate babe gets dropped. Or, as Michaels intones: “Your tour ends here.” Michaels talks about his latest show that follows “Rock of Love” one and two, where his hook ups with women were far from everlasting, in an interview with Associated Press writer Alicia Rancilio.

AP: This season on “Rock of Love,” contestants travel on two tour buses – one pink, one blue. Why take the show on the road?

Michaels: If you want to find out the true person somebody is, take them on a family vacation or a road trip and you will find out really quick.

AP: Your relationships from the first two seasons haven’t worked out. Do these women think they’ll settle down with you?

Michaels: I tell the girls, “Look, this is not going to be a marriage with a white picket fence.” I’m looking for someone hopefully I can find love with, but in the meantime this is a dating show and let’s have a lot of fun doing it. It’s pretty entertaining. There’s some pretty crazy stuff that happens.

AP: What kind of woman do you want?

Michaels: Someone who can roll with the punches. Obviously, there has to be a physical attraction. … You want (her) to be self deprecating, funny, smart. A lot of it’s the eyes. When you look into the eyes you see what a person’s about.

AP: The women often fight over you! What do you think of that?

Michaels: It’s not usually about me. I said, “Listen, if you girls are going fight, try to mention my name at least once,” so I can pretend they’re arguing over me. Usually, it has nothing to do with me but … as a man, I have to think that they’re fighting over me.

AP: What happened to Ambre (season two’s winner who was thought of as more conservative than her competition)?

Michaels: The truth is nothing at all bad happened. … It’s hard to even say we had a breakup. We just both came to the realization being on the road is tough. Ambre’s very intelligent, an extremely great kisser, very smart and she’s driven.

AP: What does she think of you doing a third season?

Michaels: She wasn’t like, “Great! This is awesome.” When you like somebody it’s tough especially to physically watch them date on TV- that’s tough to do – but at the same time she’s been my best cheerleader as well.

AP: How long will the show go?

Michaels: It’s highly doubtful for me I would do a “Rock of Love” four. I just think it’s time to pass the torch. … I would like a real life show like a “Family Jewels” meets “Entourage” meets “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

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