Bret Michaels Not Over ‘Rock of Love 2’ Winner Ambre Lake


August 15, 2008

Christopher Rocchio of Reality TV World reports that as Bret Michaels is about to embark on his third attempt to find love via VH1’s Rock of Love with Bret Michaels reality dating series, the Poison frontman is apparently still pining for the show’s second-season winner Ambre Lake.

“I still love her. I’m not really over her yet,” he told People in a Thursday report. “We still hang. She was just out with me a couple days ago and we were having a great time. She’s really got it. I think she’s great.”

Michaels and Lake split last month due conflicting personal schedules, and VH1 wasted no time in renewing Rock of Love for a third season.

Dubbed Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels and set to debut early next year, the show’s third season will take Michaels’ new batch of female suitors out of the show’s prior mansion setting and onto a tour bus that will follow Michaels across the country on a month-long trek.

“Wait till they travel on a bus and are living in and out of a suitcase under the bay of the hotel,” he told People. “You know they’re going to show up here with 14 suitcases when you can fit about one. I have two pairs of jeans… You learn to live like that. It’s a whole different life.”

Michaels thinks having the women on the road with him will help them understand what they’re getting into if they want a relationship with him since — in addition to Lake — first-season winner Jes Rickleff ended their fling when she returned home to Chicago after filming the show.

“The reason for destruction of all my relationships is that I’m passionate about being on the road and making music,” Michaels told People. “I have great relationships. But the women I date don’t realize that I spend between six and eight months of my life on the road — touring or traveling or seeing family with my daughters.”

Even if the third time is a charm for Michaels, he said it’s not as though the tour bus will immediately travel to a chapel for a wedding.

“I’m pretty honest with the girls. I tell them, ‘Look, we’re dating. There’s no white picket fence.’ It’s not like all of a sudden the show’s over and the next day we’re married and that kind of thing,” he explained to People.

Michaels added he’s unsure if he ever wants to wed.

“I don’t know,” he told People. “I never really thought about it.”

Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels will begin filming next month.

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