Bret Michaels offers advice for aspiring singers, songwriters and bands

Bret Michaels offers advice for aspiring singers, songwriters and bands

Poison frontman Bret Michaels was recently interviewed by the Digital Journal where he touched on a number of topics including his advice to aspiring singers, songwriters and bands.

Michaels stated: “Bet on yourself. Find a way to get it done. Surround yourself with great people. If there is a problem, fix it. If there is a weak link in the chain, fix it since you are only as good as your weakest link. Most important, don’t be bitter, and embrace your passion. You need to have a fighting spirit.”

In terms of how to define success, Michaels opined: “To be able to do what I love to do, and be passionate about it. To be able to do that for the past 30 years, means everything to me in my professional life. In my personal life, being able to have two beautiful daughters and being able to be a good dad to them, and looking for that balance. You have to find that balance of doing what you love as a parent, and love everything you do with your kids.”

With respect to Michaels‘ upcoming plans, the singer spoke about Bret’s Classic Acoustic Songs and Stories, which will launch this fall, as he stated: “It gives people an in-depth look of what inspires music. To me, music is therapeutic, and it there in the good times, and especially, in my bad times. It has truly saved my life in moments.”

You can read the rest of the article / interview with Michaels at the Digital Journal.

Classic Acoustic Songs and Stories Live from the Living Room with Bret Michaels of Poison:

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