Bret Michaels Released From Hospital And Is Improving

Bret Michaels Released From Hospital And Is Improving

May 4, 2010

Bret Michaels Released From Hospital And Is reports: Bret Michaels is “walking. He’s not walking very well. He’s talking very well, and he’s very mentally aware,” his doctor, Joseph M. Zabramski said in a press conference this afternoon, adding, “He’ll fortunately make a 100 percent recovery.”

He “remains in critical condition,” said Zabramski, but has been discharged from discharged from Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona to receive physical therapy at an undisclosed location. “We’re watching him very closely. We are very concerned that there could be a deterioration in his status at this point. We continue to watch him closely.”

Zabramski noted that Michaels was lucky to have gotten treatment quickly after his hemorrhage. His diabetes was “out of control” when he came into the hospital, another reason he and his team are “keeping a very close eye on him.” Michaels’ angiograms have come back “perfectly normal,” said Zabramski. “Again, he’s extremely lucky.”

The prognosis? “At this point we’re feeling pretty confident that he does not have an aneurysm or other problem that could result in recurrent hemorrhage. Right now he should be celebrating. But the blood from that blood clot is starting to dissolve,” said Zabramski, which can be “very irritating” and “causes chemical meningitis that can be severely painful.”

The rocker is battling back pain now. “Up to this point he’s been feeling better and then all of this starts.” The doctor said Michaels can’t be treated with medications normally used, such as steroids, because he’s diabetic. But, he said, “He is improving and I expect he will continue to gradually improve.”

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