Bret Michaels Says ‘Rock of Love Bus’ Could Be His Last


January 5, 2009

Two seasons weren’t enough for Bret Michaels to find love on a reality series, but maybe third time’s the charm. The star of VH1’s Rock of Love dating show didn’t exactly reveal if he’s finally met his soul mate. He only claims that he’s “pretty sure” he won’t be returning for another season of the program. Michaels recently talked to the New York Daily News about the new installment of his series, claiming that Rock of Love Bus might be his final hurrah.

“I can never say never, but I’m pretty sure that this kind of show is it for me,” Michaels declared. Even so, there are other ventures to tackle. Reality television is rife with shows for celebrities like him, and Michaels isn’t keen on giving up just yet.

It appears as though Bret is moving on to a different kind of show. He’s expressed interest in doing a docu-reality series, which would focus on him and his day-to-day ordeals. Maybe it would also include one of the ladies from Rock of Love Bus? No one’s sure yet, as the series just premiered yesterday night. But even without a girl on his arm, Bret is still a character a lot of people would enjoy watching.

“I’d like to do a hybrid of it where you come into my real life a little more, like a mixture of Rock of Love and Gene Simmons Family Jewels,” he explained. “I think the ups and downs and sideways of my life would be really interesting for people to see.”

While his ideas for a new show are still set to sizzle, Michaels admits that he’s pleased with how things are currently going. Rock of Love Bus was a great experience for him, as he toured the rock and roll road, putting up challenges for the ladies vying for his heart.

“Immediately, the entertainment value and the nuttiness was on level 10,” Michaels said. “I didn’t want my life, or the show, to become predictable, because what is great about dating and makes a dating reality show fun is the unpredictability of it all. This kept me on my toes.”

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