Bret Michaels Seduces MyFord Touch In New Commercial

Bret Michaels Seduces MyFord Touch In New Commercial

December 14, 2010

Susan Carpenter of reports: Based on his Rock of Love antics, you’d think Bret Michaels liked his women hot blooded, scantily clad and more than a little bit wild. But a new YouTube clip that posted Monday night shows Michaels flirting his tight-jeaned rear-end off with a disembodied voice called Samantha — a computer-generated female that comes courtesy of most Ford vehicles.

Michaels, who’s been helping Ford promote various vehicles, appears in the vid as part of a social networking promo for the new 2011 Explorer. Samantha is clearly a fan. When Michaels asks her for the car’s temperature setting, she says it’s “hot — fresh-out-of-the-toaster-oven hot.” She also compliments him on his trademark bandanna and tight pants.

Who knew a computer could out-mojo Michaels?

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