Bret Michaels Talks About Boarding The ‘Rock Of Love Bus’


December 15, 2008

With Rock of Love: Charm School coming to an end, another VH1 show is rolling in as a new year dawns upon us. It’s the third installment of Bret Michaels’ reality dating show, Rock of Love Bus. There’s barely a month left until its premiere and the Poison frontman who’s leading the series is nothing but excited.

Taking a few steps away from the popularity of his band, Bret Michaels is out to establish himself as a diverse personality in the entertainment industry. After two seasons of Rock of Love, he has yet to find the woman he wants to spend his rock and roll life with. And of course, that life includes constantly being on tour. He’s looking for someone who can handle the pressure and face any challenge that ties in with the many facets of his personality.

“All of the other times on television, like on Don’t Forget the Lyrics and Nashville Star, I’m Bret Michaels of Poison, and in sitcoms like Yes, Dear I’m somebody else. Now, with Rock of Love, I’m me, not playing some real estate agent, but enjoying what I do, like motocross, Harleys, deep-sea fishing,” he claims.

Rock of Love Bus has been dubbed a combination of The Amazing Race and The Bachelor. Bret hasn’t been successful in finding love in the last two seasons of his series, and he hopes third time’s the charm.

“I’m not a sleazy bachelor,” he confesses. “I look at myself as a very fun guy. I’m respectful to the women. I might actually be the voice of reason, and for a rocker like me to be the voice of reason is really a frightening thought. It’s fun. We have good times.”

Fans have witnessed how Bret Michaels behaved during the past seasons of Rock of Love, from how he treated the competitive ladies to how they responded to him. Experiencing all of that, Bret admits: “I’m going through the dating process and I’m not necessarily a great dater. I’ve been in a band since I was 17. I’ve never had a long-term relationship. I’ve just had one-night stands, mostly.”

Despite that, he knows that he enjoys being with the girls. “I like doing the things with the girls we do, the dirt biking, the mud football and the ice skating. I don’t like the girls to get hurt. I’m not into pain.”

Even if there were moments he regretted on Rock of Love, the musician and reality star is staying positive. “I love what’s going on now, the sheer chaos of it, being out on the road for the series while doing the tour and everything else. I live to create.”

Now that Bret Michaels is on tour and working hard on the new season of Rock of Love, fans should prepare themselves for his return on the fourth of January. Meanwhile, Bret’s past flames are wrapping up Rock of Love: Charm School with the finale on December 21.

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