Bret Michaels To Have Heart Sugery Later This Year

Bret Michaels To Have Heart Sugery Later This Year

May 24, 2010

Bret Michaels will undergo surgery later this year to mend his broken heart.

The rocker is recovering from a triple health crisis and now has his sights on getting 100% healthy – and that means having a recently diagnosed hole in his heart repaired.

The Poison star discovered he had a heart problem after suffering a mild stroke last week.

Michaels tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood, “They’ll (surgeons) go in and they’ll do the heart operation in the fall. They have to let everything clear out and then they’ll go in and do the operation in my heart and then I’m gonna be great.

“I don’t have any other options except to think that it’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be a smooth operation and I’m gonna feel awesome.”

In the past month, the brave star has fought back from an emergency appendectomy and a brain hemorrhage – as well as last week’s stroke.

He admits the brain hemorrhage, in particular, was “one of the scariest moments in my life”.

Michaels ignored his doctor’s advice to rest and showed up for the televised live finale of hit reality TV show The Apprentice in New York on Sunday.

The rocker, who won the business contest outright, says, “I just made the decision I have to set a goal in my life and yes, they (doctors) were very adamant that this is not the best thing to do… (but) it rocked.”

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