Bret Michaels would like Poison to write a “really amazing great rock song”

Bret Michaels would like Poison to write a “really amazing great rock song”

Poison frontman Bret Michaels was recently interviewed by Parade and asked amongst other things about his new solo single “Jorja Bleu” and his reunion and tour with his Poison bandmates.

In terms of whether we can expect new music from Poison, Michaels stated: “Going into the studio, we’d know everyone was also going in different directions in their life. For me the best thing would be to just write a really amazingly great rock song, a new “Talk Dirty to Me.” Maybe just lock ourselves away with no pressure. Maybe even come to my house and have a blast and party like we used to. I absolutely love and respect the past but I’m not a glory days guy. I love where we’ve been and love where I’m at and going. You want be rockin’, be real, be relevant, to take the past and pay it forward.”

This also clarifies Michaels‘ answer that he gave in a prior interview with Billboard where it was unclear whether the singer wanted Poison to re-record past hits or record new music as he stated: “I will never say never. I’d love to do it. Whether or not we will do it is yet to be seen. But I’d love to say yes. To come out with an updated, new “Nothin’ But a Good Time,” “Talk Dirty to Me” or “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” I would love that. It’s no one’s fault it hasn’t happened. And if it does happen, that would be great.”

In terms of how he is feeling physically, Michaels told Parade: “Great! I stay on top of my diabetes, and the doctors got me back to 90 to 95 percent full use of my brain again. I always try to push to feel better and balance life, while still having a good time. I believe you must find the things in life that you love, and don’t let anybody or anything stop you. There may be lesser successes, but you’re never a failure unless you choose not to do something. I don’t fail unless I quit. You must believe to receive.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Michaels at Parade.