Brett Michaels’ Rock Of Love 2 Debuts January 13th


January 4, 2008

Bret Michael’s second attempt at love brings an onslaught of new rockin’ babes and stories from the road. Rock of Love 2 premieres January 13th.

If there was ever any doubt about Bret Michaels’ status as a Rock God, season one of Rock of Love put all those doubts to rest. The enormous success of the show proved two things: Bret continues to draw in fans by the millions — and his appeal to women has never waned. The women who competed for Bret’s heart in season one made one thing very clear from the very beginning — they wanted Bret, and they were willing to do whatever they could to win his heart. Now, twenty new women will lay it all on the line for their chance at the ultimate rock-and-roll romance. And this time, it will be bigger and better than ever, because as any rock fan knows — the best part of any rock-and-roll show is always the encore!

VH1 and 51 Minds Entertainment will give these twenty sexy, saucy ladies a chance to prove they have what it takes to win Bret’s heart. After moving into a super-sized rock star mansion, the women will be put to the test. Each week, they will have to prove to Bret they are worthy of sharing his spotlight. They’ll show off their own special talents, and demonstrate their mental and physical ferocity in an effort to win some much-coveted one-on-one time with Bret. Can they go all out in the high-adrenaline activities Bret loves, and still clean up for a sexy nightcap? Can they work together to protect Bret’s progeny from a group of crazed super fans? And perhaps most importantly, can they fend off the fierce competition from the other women in the house also vying for Bret’s attention and affection?

Girls who are successful in the challenges will reap the rewards afforded to a Rock God’s companion: dates, presents and jet-setting trips that will truly embody what it means to “party like a rock star”. The unfortunate women who fail to entice Bret will face the cruel sting of elimination. And as the world saw last season, the competition will be intense – because in the end, Bret will choose only one lucky lady to be his “Rock of Love”.

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