Brian Tichy handled drums for W.A.S.P. at European rock festivals

Brian Tichy handled drums for W.A.S.P. at European rock festivals

W.A.S.P. continue to recruit various drummers for stretches of shows as Brian Tichy is the latest drummer to play for the band.

Blabbermouth stated in an article earlier yesterday:

W.A.S.P. has recruited renowned drummer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brian Tichy, known for his tours of duty with WHITESNAKE, BILLY IDOL, FOREIGNER and OZZY OSBOURNE, to sit behind the kit for the band’s current run of European festivals.”

The following message was posted in part on Tichy‘s Facebook page back on June 12th:

“Final rehearsal for some June Euro Festivals…playing some loud ass heavy stuff…”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its concert review of The Dead Daisies‘ performance including Tichy‘s playing at Lee’s Palace in Toronto, Ontario, Canada back in August 2017: “The one part that I was a bit ambivalent to was Tichy‘s drum solo. That being said, it was certainly really cool to see how fast that Tichy‘s hands were and funny to see him throw some of his drumsticks in the air but have them hit the ceiling before he caught them on the way down. Clearly, the man is used to playing at bigger venues with higher ceilings! Tichy was also impressive during the part of his drum solo where he used his hands rather than drumsticks. So in some ways, it was great to see Tichy‘s drum solo but I would have still preferred to see The Dead Daisies┬áplay an extra song instead.”

W.A.S.P. performing “The Idol” at Copenhell in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 23, 2018:

W.A.S.P The Idol, Copenhell 2018

W.A.S.P. performing “The Idol” Live at Copenhell, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 23th 2018. A very impressive performance from a great band … I was lucky catchi…