Bride Finishes New CD ‘Tsar Bomba’


June 13, 2009

Bride has completed all 14 tracks of Tsar Bomba. The band could not have done itwithout the support and encouragement of the Bride audience.

The band states, “It seems we have a great number of people out there wanting to see asuccessful CD release and a tour. Bride is working hard to make this happen.

Offers from Brazil and Europe are already being considered.From the onset of our humble writing sessions between Troy and I in hisbasement to the completion of the CD we have known the songs for Tsar Bombawere special.

Bride Finishes New CD Tsar Bomba

The team of players that we surrounded ourselves with (Jerry McBroom, SteveOsbourne, Glenn Watts and Tim Bushong) was a vital part of this projecthaving life.

Our goal is to release this CD in August and by the grace of God be able toreach our audience in all parts of the world.After every Bride CD there is always a rumor that Bride has broken up andthat our last CD was our “last CD.” Well this band began in 1986 and after13 studio recordings we hope to have life for at least the next couple ofyears with Tsar Bomba.

So if you want to see Bride rolling through your city, town or community,help us promote this project by encouraging others to take a listen. Word ofmouth is a powerful tool.

Our mission is and has always been to reach the lost and introduce them toJesus Christ through this unconventional means of heavy metal / rock music.”

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