Brighton Rock release new single “End of Time”

Brighton Rock release new single “End of Time”

Canadian hard rockers Brighton Rock have released their first new single in over 28 years. The new song is titled “End of Time” and was mixed by legendary producer Beau Hill.

Brighton Rock and former Helix guitarist Greg Fraser was interviewed by Thunder Bay Arena Rock principal and former Sleaze Roxx contributor Deke back in July 2018 and spoke about the band’s most successful album Take A Deep Breath produced by Jack Richardson.

Fraser advised (with slight edits): “Jack was actually involved with some of the pre-production of the first record and when Michael [Wagener] was not available for the second record, Jack was a natural choice to take the helm. I’ve learned a lot of the art of songwriting from Jack and will be forever grateful for the guidance and knowledge he taught me. It was never our intention to try to be current. We wanted to sound a little different from the rest so we would stand out a bit. Jack helped us a lot with that. He is a legend and will be forever missed.”

Brighton Rock‘s “End of Time” single:

Brighton Rock – End of Time – New 2019 Single

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