British rockers Nasty High to do video for new song “Here We Are”

British rockers Nasty High to do video for new song “Here We Are”

Nasty High photoBritish hard rockers Nasty High have announced that they will be doing their first ever video for their new song “Here We Are.” Nasty High fans can get a preview of the track which will be played live at Macmillan Fest in Nottingham, U.K. on September 3, 2016.

Nasty High are also planning on doing a Kickstarter campaign to assist with the financial aspects of their aspirations and plans.

The following messages were posted on Nasty High‘s Facebook page:

July 29, 2016: “Hiya All! Nasty High have some news for you, but first we want to say thanks again for your support; we really appreciate it! So, we know we promised a new song a couple weeks ago. However, the plan has now changed. We’ve decided that the best way to release “Here We Are” will be as our very first music video and to be perfectly Nasty High logohonest, it’s about time we did one; it’s long overdue! However, if you’re itching to hear the new track before the video release, come and see Nasty High live at Macmillanfest on my birthday 3rd September. Contact us soon to reserve your place before the cheaper tickets + free T-shirts sell out! Thank you and remember stay NASTY and get HIGH !!! ??✌”

August 2, 2016 (in part): “***NASTY HIGH ARMY! A CALL TO ARMS!***
Hey guys, it’s Danny here! We are trying hard to push ourselves up to the next level and we need YOUR help! If you’ve been blown away by our electrifying live show or our songs online, don’t keep it a secret! Please help us grow by telling your local venues, promoters, radio stations that you want us to play and tell your friends about us too! We are nothing without your support and in order to afford to pay for our first music videos, recording, touring and promotion, we need you to spread the word and build our army of fans! (The best fans in the world :* ) The more support we get, the more songs we can release (and the more cities / countries we can travel to! (y) )…”

Nasty High‘s “Rocket Lady” song:

NASTY HIGH – Rocket Lady – [Demo Version]