Britny Fox Announce New Vocalist


February 21, 2008

In light of the recent defamatory claims, allegations and all out negative press circulating earlier in the week, original member and bassist Billy Childs, plus the 2007 lineup of guitarist Greg Polcari and drummer Henry, along with new frontman and rhythm guitarist Jamie Fletcher will carry on as the hard rock group known as BRITNY FOX.

Britny Fox 2008

BRITNY FOX has retained the new management and booking services of Lane Productions and has inked a new deal with the independent label CHAVIS RECORDS. Through these partnerships the team was able to do what was necessary and in the best interest of Billy Childs. There is nothing being handed to BRITNY FOX on a “silver platter”, “no rebirth”, no skyrocketing BRITNY FOX “back in the limelight”, “no robbing or deceiving anyone of anything”, and “no infringement upon anyones anything”. BRITNY FOX is simply moving forward as a band playing the songs BRITNY FOX is widely known for, coupled with a few that we’re not hits but represent what BRITNY FOX was, is and will continue to be.

BRITNY FOX is currently in rehearsals with new vocalist Jamie Fletcher for the upcoming 2008 tour which kicks off on March 21, 2008. Jamie was selected over several candidates. His stage presence, appeal and resume suited the position very well, but being a solid vocalist that can serve up the “Dizzy” Dean Davidson and Tommy Paris material just like it should be was the deciding factor. The team felt that it was critical to not only deliver the material as close to the original as possible, but also not to deviate from the BRITNY FOX sound that it is known for.

“I personally spoke with Tommy Paris and asked him to give it another go. Tommy has moved on and gave his blessing and best wishes. No ugliness, no negativity just simply pursuing other interests at this time. With respect to my involvement, Billy had an idea and a vision that he wanted to achieve. We had several discussions with new management and put all the cards on the table. We came up with a game plan and an agreement that was best suited for all of the parties involved. I am happy to be involved and apart of the BRITNY FOX team. – Bill Chavis – CEO/President CHAVIS RECORDS

Immediate plans for BRITNY FOX are to hit the road for the summer touring season and begin writing new material for a 2009 release. This gives the band time to gel and really focus on rebuilding, touring and reconnecting with their fans.

“I want to personally thank each and everyone who stood by me and looked out for this project. I also want to thank all of the fans and friends who emailed me and responded positively to all the negative stuff being spit out”. – Billy Childs

Expect more information and the latest updates on BRITNY FOX in the coming weeks. All of the current and scheduled tour dates can be found here. For more information visit, and

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