Britny Fox Ink Deal With Z Records


November 19, 2007

We are extremely proud to announce the signing of the legendaryBRITNY FOX and their confirmedappearance at Z Rock 08. The bands manager Chris “Big Poppa” and ZRock label chief Mark Algerfinalised all parts of this impressive deal during the late hours ofFriday evening. Both parties areextremely excited that BRITNY FOX will finally return to the UK forthis exclusive appearance after18 long years and in the process record a live album to make it evenmore special for fans!

Britny Fox formed in 1988 and signed to CBS/Columbia for their self-titled debut album. (1988) By thetime 1988 came to an end, the band had scored three major MTV videohits, which included the verywell known “Long Way to Love,” the bands first number one video andtop 40 single, and the famous”Girlschool” video, both of which still receive steady play on VH1classic today. Back in the day,Britny Fox toured around the world with the likes of Bon Jovi,Poison, Ratt, and many other great bandsof the genre. Britny Fox’s self-titled debut was one of the mostsuccessful premieres of the 1988-89 season,selling circa one million copies and bringing more than 625,000 fansto their 130+ shows. The band alsowon Metal Edge Magazine’s 1988 Reader’s Choice Award for Best NewBand. The above mentioned album,which is still in print today, and available on different labelsthrough reissues, is estimated to have sold nearly3,000,000 units. Britny Fox’s sophomore studio release titled “Boysin Heat” (1989) had two major videos and one top 40 single,”Standing In The Shadows,” and “Dream On,” a midtempo radio anthemthat was the bands second top 40 single,also still on VH1 today. And let’s not forget their cover ofNathareth’s “Hair Of The Dog,” which is a fan favourite as well.Along with touring in support of “Boys in Heat” with Alice Cooper,Great White and many other artist’s, the album wasoff to a great start until things fell apart amongst the band, and abreak up ensued. The first singer “Dizzy”Dean Davidson left the band. After listening to hundreds of demos,Britny Fox finally selected their new frontman,Tommy Paris. Tommy Paris has proven to be a true musician, and areal asset to the band. With the help of famousnames like Poison’s Rikki Rockett and Ozzy’s Zakk Wylde, theyreleased the hard rockin’ “Bite Down Hard,”with Atlantic Records. (1991) Although their third album sold onlyabout half as much as it’s predecessor, it was an albumof tremendous growth. One video and single from “Bite Down Hard” wasa song titled “Louder,” which got much attention as well.By this time though, it was 1992, and bands like Britny Fox were notdoing well at the time. The band chose to wait itout instead of trudging through what their landscape had become, andbasically remained dormant until 1999 when theysigned to Spitfire records in te US. 2007 and the band are set toreturn to UK shores for a special appearance at Z Rock 08and record a live album for Z Rock Records to celebrate theirreturn to European soil.

Z Rock 08 will now be held on May 10th [Saturday] in centralBirmingham at an all new venue set to open early 2008 details willbe posted soon at www.myspace. com/zrockfest tickets alreadypurchased are still valid but if you are unable to attend on thenew date we will happily refund your ticket if you purchased priorto November 19 2007. We apologies if the change of date has causedanyoneproblems but it was necessary to attract further quality acts whomwill be disclosed soon.

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